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Biotechnology in Nepali Agriculture: Interview with Anuroop Manandhar from Ficus Biotech

Anuroop Manandhar is the co-founder and chairperson of Ficus Biotech,  a leading Nepali biotechnology based agri-business company producing healthy, disease-free plants using tissue culture technology. The company works mainly to fulfill the demand of commercial farmers, producing plantlets for high-value crops such as banana, cardamom, tea, coffee, or fruit.

In this podcast, we talk to Anuroop about how he decided to return to Nepal in 2012 after completing his masters in biotechnology from Columbia University under a Fulbright scholarship, things to keep in mind when starting a biotechnology (or any other) company, and how he hopes to apply his knowledge to benefit farmers, and contribute towards creating an ecosystem where highly qualified people find it worthwhile to stay and work in Nepal.

Sujhaab Chautaari

Author: Sujhaab Chautaari

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