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Nurturing Innovation for National Development: Interview with Mahabir Pun

After decades of working in award-winning grassroots enterprises, Mahabir Pun identifies that innovation and human resource development is the major path for the development of Nepal. He has launched National Innovation Center (NIC) with this vision of leading the way of development through innovation. In this interview, Mahabir Pun talks about how he wants to build NIC as a center where the talented promising youth of Nepal will be nurtured and supported so that they can contribute for national development and why he has given his ultimate commitment to this ambitious mission despite enormous financial and logistic challenges.

He also talks about various aspects of NIC: current projects, selection criteria, mentorship model and NIC’s plan to bring more female innovators. Though he was disheartened initially for not receiving the expected support from the government, he takes it as an opportunity in retrospect. NIC gave him a chance to interact and gather support from the public, also generating awareness about innovation among them.

Along with the overview and updates on NIC, we also talked about Mahabir Pun, the man himself: how his life has been full of adversities, that to get the basic undergraduate education he had to wait until he was a full-grown man of 33 years; how the very same experiences tackling the series of adversities throughout the life shaped him to be the man he is today, with superlative problem-solving dexterity and superhuman courage and dedication.

He also shares his satisfaction of being able to bring opportunities to other people that he could not have himself and the sheer optimism towards the future of Nepal under the new youth leadership who understands the value of education and innovation.

If you want to learn more about NIC or want to participate or contribute, you can email Mahabir Pun at [email protected] or call him at 9841592361.

Sujhaab Chautaari

Author: Sujhaab Chautaari

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