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Championing Innovative Education in Nepal: Pavitra Gautam, CEO of Karkhana

Pavitra Gautam is co-founder and CEO of Karkhana, an education company and makerspace that designs and runs hands-on educational programs to promote creative problem solving, experimentation and collaboration. Karkhana runs both co-curricular activities in schools and after-school enrichment programs in 20 schools, reaching out to 5,500 students over a year.

Pavitra Gautam works with a vision to help people believe that they can change the world and also give them an environment to do so. He identifies education and youth empowerment through entrepreneurship as the key to this change. He has cofounded Robotics Association of Nepal, started an annual art, science and tech festival, organized Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, and is an active contributor to entrepreneurial events such as Young Entrepreneurs Summit and Made in Nepal Expo. He likes to call himself an engineer by education, entrepreneur by profession and educator by passion.

In this interview, Pavitra Gautam shares his personal stories of motivation, struggles, and lessons learned in his journey with Karkhana. He reflects on our education system and the trajectory of our society.  He talks about how we can create an innovative society and how Karkhana has experimented and improvised in its organizational culture to retain a creative environment. He has valuable advice for the young generation about finding their passion and balancing the passion and ambition with patience, humility and a holistic perspective.



Sujhaab Chautaari

Author: Sujhaab Chautaari

One response to “Championing Innovative Education in Nepal: Pavitra Gautam, CEO of Karkhana”

  1. Avatar Khalti says:

    Reaching out to 5,500 students over a year? Really impressive!

    Didn’t know he was also co-founder of Robotics Association of Nepal.

    I do really adore the works and initiatives of Karkhana. Wish the best for the passionate team.

    Will share further comments after listening the audio.

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