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Bamboo is the Future: Pranab Pradhan, Green Bamboo Creations

Pranab Pradhan is the founder and managing director of Green Bamboo Creations, a sustainable business enterprise exploring bamboo industry in Nepal in construction, furniture and decorative. Green Bamboo Creations has manufacturing factory in Hetauda, go-down at Patan Industrial state and office and showroom at Watering Hole Gastropub, Naxal.

Mr. Pradhan journey in the bamboo industry started with working at Himalayan Bamboo. He eventually became an investor and also the director. He then went to pursue a Masters in Design Engineering and Manufacturing from Middlesex University, London. After completing the program, he returned back and started Green Bamboo Creations in 2015.

In this podcast interview, we talked to Mr. Pradhan about various aspects of his bamboo manufacturing venture. He explains that bamboo is the most eco-friendly and sustainable building material today as wood is very resource intensive and synthetic options such as plastic are harmful to the environment. Nepali society has a long tradition of bamboo cultivation and use and we have diverse communities with a wide range of indigenous skills with bamboo. According to Mr. Pradhan, going into the bamboo industry also makes economic sense. Most of the industries in Nepal are limited to processing and packaging. Bamboo industry is one of those areas where we can own the whole production cycle- from the production of raw materials to export delivery.

Balancing ecological and humanitarian goals with financial sustainability is the core approach of Mr. Pradhan. He is using an inclusive business model at Green Bamboo Creations and he emphasizes that inclusive business model is not only respectful towards the workers and customers, but the transparency and connection also help the production and business. Similarly, he says that collaborative business model is very necessary for Nepali businesses for survival against big multinationals.

Green Bamboo Creations has completed its fourth year. While it has been able to make its mark in a niche market, Mr. Pradhan says that they are still struggling to convince mainstream Nepali customers to prioritize bamboo products over the synthetic products flooding our market primarily from China. Creating consumer awareness and transforming consumer culture is a system shift that no single enterprise can do it alone. Despite all the hurdles, Mr. Pradhan and Green Bamboo Creations are going forward in this journey with a strong conviction that bamboo is the future.

Please listen and share this podcast and raise more awareness about bamboo, for our national economy and collective ecological future.


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Sujhaab Chautaari

Author: Sujhaab Chautaari

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  1. Avatar surya prakash shrestha says:

    I want to organize a training for farmer about how we can use green bamboo as a business tools. So I wants to contact with Pranav Pradhan about it for training. Provide me contact address and cell phone, please

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