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On Self-Awareness: Rashmi KC

Rashmi KC is passionate about education, empowerment, and awareness.  She is involved as Board Chair at Women Development Advocacy Center (WDAC), a not for profit organization working for women and children through programs on education and livelihood. She runs meditation series at WDAC as a weekly program and also as mentorship session.

She is also working as an Education Consultant for the development industry. But she would like to go full time with meditation industry someday. In this interview, Rashmi talks about the importance of learning to recognize our thoughts, feelings and their presence in our body through meditation. This recognition she thinks is the process of self-awareness. She also shares about how self-awareness has helped her personally and how she has been sharing her experiences with people around her in the hope that it will help them in some way.

Samikchya Sharma

Author: Samikchya Sharma

Samikchya Sharma is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Law at Nepal Law Campus. She works at Women Development Advocacy Center (WDAC) that supports women and children through programs on education and livelihood. She values collaborating with informal networks that address micro-scale issues, impacting real lives. She has been an active core member of multiple groups including Parma Swarm, BELIEVERS and NepaliTravellers as well as an organizer of the Kathmandu Food Collective that puts conversation at the core.

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