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WWKTM: A Tech Conference in the City of Gods

What is WWKTM and why is it important?

In the last decade, the Nepalese tech industry has been growing silently, but steadily. Many experienced technologists have contributed their part to creating a vibrant tech-ecosystem, mentoring many from the younger generation who are all keen to take the lead. There are many promising startups, inspiring stories of success and educational stories of failures in the Nepali tech industry. A platform to share these locally grown successes, learn from the failures, and converse with global practice has been lacking.

In addition, while the tech industry in Nepal has various specialties, ranging from supporting local farmers to producing work for Hollywood industry, they are mostly compartmentalized, and do not talk to each other. The same occurs in various functions of the tech industry such as design and development. Feeling the lack of a good platform where a wide variety of tech industry actors can come together, share their stories, network and develop meaningful partnerships, we decided to start WWKTM, as a conference that would become a platform. We aimed to highlight the success stories of Nepali tech industry, encourage linkages among the various actors involved in different sectors, and promote meaningful partnerships.

We organized the WWKTM conference on 22nd and 23rd September, to share the stories, knowledge, and experiences of national and international speakers and create a platform where the Nepali tech community can network and connect with global tech community and create an environment for potential partnerships, collaborations and learning groups.

This conference was a unique mix of global and local speakers on the first day, with the second day dedicated for networking through hiking together and creating art collectively. The format was designed to create a space where organic collaborations can be seeded through the exchange of ideas in form of formal talks, informal discussions and collaborative activities.




How we organized the conference

WWKTM team comprises of five young minds, namely, Avinash, Manish Jung Thapa, Mukesh, Roshan Gautam, Subash Dharel and a group of enthusiastic volunteers who managed the event by taking care of the registration desk, coordinating with the speakers, guests, and attendees to smoothly run the conference.

These organizing team reached out to various tech companies, and tech communities who helped the event. It was the energy of the youth, guidance and support by the various local tech companies and entrepreneurs, the conference made its mark in first go.




There were ten speakers from four different countries and three different continents who spoke on topics ranging from “mining cryptocurrency in a web browser” to “designing stable system architecture” to the “prospect of the space industry in Nepal.”

The WWKTM team was also adamant in ensuring that female representation is assured. This provided a unique mix of storytelling by global, local and diverse speakers who the audience could relate to.



The overwhelming participation of almost 300+ national and international participants from the tech industry was the key to the success of the WWKTM conference. The enthusiastic participation of so many technologists under one roof surprised us, it was surpassing our initial estimate of the scale of participation. There were many young technology enthusiasts, tech entrepreneur, web developers, and web designers as attendees. To promote gender inclusion, the WWKTM has subsidized the tickets for female attendees.

Saurav Bhattarai from Kathmandu Living Labs, blogged, “It was a great opportunity to connect with local and international web enthusiasts, to know of their works and interests and the possibilities of future collaboration. We would like to congratulate Web Weekend team for making day one a huge success… We would definitely love to see a series of this conference in the coming years as well.”



The success of WWKTM has encouraged the organizing team to take this forward and organize an even better conference next year taking into account all the positive feedback and constructive criticism we have received. This is just the beginning, and we hope to see you at WWKTM 2019.

Meanwhile, you can find us online at and follow us on and


Author: Mukesh Jha

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